From Egg to Egg: Makin a Chiggin


Chiggin hatched in July of 2016 in Syracuse NY. With a lineage of musical collaboration as far back as 2012, the band formed as a funky foursome, with Max Puglisi, Sam Roux, and Gavin George, spotlighting Matt Kingsley as a featured lead guitarist.  

Chiggin quickly spread it's wings through Syracuse, becoming known for their fun stage show and their untamed musicality. Becoming a favorite at local club Funk 'N Waffles, they shared the stage with such national acts as Swift Technique, Roxy Roca, Joe Driscoll, and Faergolzia's Multibird.

Learning to Fly

At the year mark, Matt Kingsley's move to Nashville severed an important piece of the bird's wing. To fill the void of the wizard, Chiggin re-armed itself as a more recognizable funk outfit, bringing aboard trumpet genius Nick Fields, trombonefunkman Ethan Wojcik, organ extraordinaire Brian Caswell, and most recently the au naturale Jacob Penner on alto and tenor sax.

Rehearsing frequently, arranging tunes up and down, learning a book of covers, and tightening up, the bird soared at some stellar shows in 2017. And wouldn't you guess we flew right into a studio? MoreSound Studios's Jose Varona and Jocko Randall brought the bird to market.


Chiggin clucked at Sterling Stage's Last Daze of Summer featuring Max Creek, The Werks, and so many more. The bird opened for incredible artists like Zach Deputy and Paa Kow, and has begun touring the state of New York and beyond.

Most recently, Chiggin laid some fresh eggs, releasing the debut EP "Original Recipe". The four song rager is the perfect bite, balancing versatile stylistic flavors and exciting you for a second course with an exclusive taste of Chiggin's one of a kind, raucous rockin' funk sound.  

Taste It.

Chiggin is ready for dinner with our forthcoming original EP, "Original Recipe" fresh out the kitchen. Take a bite.

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4/21 Filming @ City Winery's One on One Cellar Sessions - New York, NY

4/21 @ Rockwood Music Hall - New York, NY

5/31 @ Als' Wine & Whiskey w/ Tiger Chung Lee - Syracuse, NY

farmer john said

"With every [Sterling Stage] festival, I always walk away excited by a new discovery. My greatest discovery and band a I like A LOT is Chiggin. They are a funk drenched pile of fun from Syracuse, fronted by Max Puglisi. Their horn section allows them to dive into really fun covers... so great to hear wailing through festival grounds. I was extremely excited to have found these guys."
- George DiFabio, Upstate Music and Food Blog 9/2017

"and then there was Chiggin... I had never seen Chiggin before, though I've wanted to for quite some time. I watched their set and I don't know how to explain it. I don't dance, like, ever, but I'm pretty sure my brain was dancing inside my skull. I had goosebumps and reverse goosebumps at the same time..."
Kevin Brite, Salt City Creatives 7/2017

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Swift Technique, Zach Deputy, Paa Kow, Roxy Roca, Joe Driscoll, The Werks, Seth Faergolzia's Multibird, Chris Eves & The New Normal, Major Player, Skunk City, The New Daze, Root Shock, Boogie Low, Jacob Peter, Trangle, Lee Terrace, Blind Owl Band, BSG, and more.

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