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CHIGGIN - Dig in!

Daniel Ware Photography 2017


CHIGGIN is a raucous funk fusion party band serving up crispy fried cuts to rustle tail feathers n' butts. 

The bird draws its hype style from the soundscapes of funk, jazz fusion, hip hop, and progressive rock to cook up original and borrowed grooves. 

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Jim Houle Photography 2017


Max Puglisi- Guitar and Voice
Gavin George- Drums
Sam Roux- Bass and Hypevoice
Ethan Wojcik- Trombone and Mr. Frizzle
Brian Caswell- Keys // Organ

Jacob Penner- Saxophone
Nick Fields- Trumpet and Freestyle Raps

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Daniel Ware Photography 2017


Our debut EP "Original Recipe" just dropped, our fresh music video has hatched, and we know you're hungry.

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